Western Fox Snake Fact Sheet

Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family: Colubridae
Genus: Pantherophis
Species: vulpinus
Life span:

12-20 years

Egg Gestation:

Females can lay 6-29 eggs that hatch about 2 months later

Number of young at birth:



3-5 ft long

Description: Have yellow backs with large dark brown or black splotches.  Their bellies are covered in black and yellow checks.  Heads are red or orange in color.




  • Live in prairies, farm fields, and woodlands of the Midwest. Found in moist areas near rivers or streams. 
  • Primarily eat rodents, but also frogs, birds and eggs. 
  • The entire body of a snake is covered with scales, including its eyes.  Because of this snakes have no eyelids and cannot blink or close their eyes.
  • Fox snakes will emit a musky odor when disturbed. They also coil and vibrate their tails in leaves as to mimic a rattlesnake in order to scare away predators.