West Caucasian Tur Fact Sheet

Class: Mammalia 
Order: Artiodactyla




Species: caucasica 
Life span:

12 to 13 years 

Gestation: 150 to 160 days 
Number of young at birth: Usually only 1; twins are rare 
Age of maturity: Females- 2 years; Males- 5 years 
Size: 5 ft in length, while their horns are 30 in on average

143 to 220 lbs

Size at birth:  Approximetly 9 lbs


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  • Region: Central Asia
  • Distribution: Western part of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia and Russia
  • Habitat: They live in rugged mountain country, rocky crags, and meadows just below the snowline between a half mile to 2.5 miles above sea level
  • Diet: Herbivores, feeding on grass and herbs in summer and leaves in winter.  Their diet contains over a hundred recorded species of plants.
  • For most of the year, females and males live separately in single sex herds. Only during mating season which extends from November to January do mixed herds form.