Wine, Stein, & Dine Vendor Application

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This application is due no later than April 1, 2019.

Fill out the application below or download a PDF of the form here. Along with your tasting menu, a copy of your City of Racine health permit, and a copy of your business's Certificate of Insurance, deliver to:

Racine Zoo 
Attn: Chelsea Locke Special Events/Sales Manager 
200 Goold Street 
Racine, WI 53402 

Wine, Stein, & Dine was created by the Racine Zoo to showcase the classic Wisconsin food and beverage favorites as well as new offerings from our region's exciting culinary scene. Participants will find that Wine, Stein, & Dine is an effective marketing tool for their business. The public relations and goodwill generated at Wine, Stein, & Dine will have a positive residual effect on participants year-round. Participants also will have the opportunity to gain more exposure in pre-event promotion. Our media community strongly supports the events produced by the Racine Zoo and will provide extensive publicity and promotional opportunities.  



Vendors will provide 500 sample sized portions of one to three dishes. Preference will be given to those participants: 

  • Which exemplify the culinary and beverage treasures of Wisconsin
  • Propose to serve unique food and beverage menu items
  • Who present ethnic and culinary diversity and/or just have darn good food

Vendors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will be selected based on meeting the requirements listed in this application. The Racine Zoo management has the discretion to accept applicants after the deadline if the participant will enhance the quality of the event.  



The fee to participate in Wine, Stein & Dine is dependent upon the type of vendor: 

  • Food Vendor: offers a sampling sized portion for 500 people - $0 fee
  • Artisan: a skilled manual worker who handcrafts their items - $50 fee
  • Merchant: an entity who trades in commodities that they did not produce themselves - $50 fee
  • Business Booth: promoting your business by handing out marketing material but not selling goods - $25 fee



Documentation for the information listed must be emailed to Chelsea Locke at after completing the form below or sent in with a physical application. Your application is not complete until you do so!

  • Your tasting menu
  • A copy of your City of Racine health permit
  • A copy of your business's Certificate of Insurance



Wine, Stein, & Dine is looking for participants that can produce at high volume and withstand production in an outdoor environment under very restrictive conditions. 

Participants applying for Wine, Stein, & Dine are expected to effectively maintain their work space to the highest possible standard in terms of sanitation practices, proper food handling, professionalism and personal training.  

Since the majority of food preparation and cooking for Wine, Stein, & Dine should take place at the participants normal place of business, each participant will need to make sure that they have the proper arrangements in place to cook, transport and store the food in compliance with standard food sanitation practices.  

Applicants must submit a list of 1 to 3 menu items, and 1 of the items must be a “signature” item. The concept is to provide attendees with a sample of your product, not a full dinner portion. A “signature” item must be an item for which the establishment is known or a specialty item consistent with the character of your establishment. 



All vendors must be self-contained. If facilities are needed by vendor, they must be approved before event. A vendor list with the name, proof of insurance, phone number, arrival time, facility needs and any permits must be given to the Racine Zoo before event. 

Vendors may not sell beverages of any kind. All alcohol must be ordered from the Racine Zoo Food and Beverage Department. Violators will be charged a fee of $500, beverage(s) will be confiscated and violator will be asked to leave the premises. All alcohol consumption must be confined to event space. 

Vendors shall not charge attendees any fees of any sort for admission, food or alcohol. 

Vendors must not bring balloons, kites, footballs, basketballs, baseballs, Frisbees or any activity that could become bothersome or hazardous to the Racine Zoo's animals, property or guests. 

Vendors shall control behavior of their staff and bear full responsibility for their conduct, including financial responsibility for rectification of damages to the Racine Zoo or any other form of violation. Failure to comply will result in the police being notified immediately. 

If Racine Zoo management determines that vendor is violating any of the duties listed above, management may ask the vendor to leave the event before the end of the event, keep all paid fees, and suspend the vendors’ right to participate in events at the Racine Zoo again. 


Maximum of 2 booth attendants allowed. Must be at least 18 years of age.


By completing the form below, I understand that there is no booth fee and all "tastes" will be given out complimentary. I have read this application information for Wine, Stein, & Dine. I hereby agree that if my establishment is selected for participation, I will abide by all rules, regulations and requirements. I understand that failure to do so will result in disqualification for participation in Wine, Stein, & Dine.


YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE! Please send the following documents to Chelsea Locke at after filling out one of the forms below. Thank you!

  • Your tasting menu
  • A copy of your City of Racine health permit
  • A copy of your business's Certificate of Insurance


Fill out the Food Vendor form here.


Fill out the form below for Artisian, Merchant, and Business Booths:

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