Fennec Fox Fact Sheet


  • Have the largest ears relative to body size of any canid.  The ears reach lengths of up to six inches and act as radiators, allowing the fox to regulate its body temperature in the hot dessert.
  • Range: Sahara region of north Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
  • Habitat: Arid desert regions
  • Diet: fruit, seeds, eggs, termites and lizards
  • Diet: rodents, birds, eggs, lizards and insects
  • Small canid with a sandy color coat.  Provides camouflage and protection from cold desert nights
  • Feet have hairy soles to protect them from hot sand
  • May share an extensive burrow system with up to 12 other individuals
  • Communication: high pitched yelp, low quiet growl
  • Nocturnal: hides from heat in sand burrows during the day