Common Wallaroo Fact Sheet

Class: Mammalia 
Order: Diprotodontia
Family: Macropodidae
Genus: Macropus
Species: Robustus
Life span:

18 years in the wild, 19 years under human care


34 days, but the young live in the pouch for 237 to 269 days 

Number of young at birth: One
Age of maturity: Females - 547 days; Males - 670 days 

Males are 40-56 in long and females are 30-40 in long


Males weigh 50-100 lbs, females weigh 40-50 lbs.

Size at birth:  Less than one inch long


Come visit Alinga, Kayla, Sheila, Wilbur, Millie and her joey at Walkabout Creek.


  • From the mountainous pastures of eastern Australia, from Victoria to Queensland.
  • Prefers to live in areas with rocky outcrops or stony ground.
  • Wallaroos are a large species of kangaroo
  • Eat grasses and shrubs.
  • Are pouched marsupials. 
  • Joey's first trips from pouch occur at around 6 months and are no longer allowed in the pouch by around 9 months of age.
  • Females may at any time have a dormant young in the uterus, a joey in the pouch and another joey at foot.