Emperor Tamarin Fact Sheet





Family: Cebidae


Species: imperator 
Life span:

10-20 years

Gestation: 140-145 days
Number of young at birth:

Normally give birth to twins, but single births and triplets also occur.

Age of maturity: Both males and females reach maturity between 16 and 20 years.
Size: 9-10 in high
Weight: One pound
Size at birth: About 1.6 oz


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  • Small, tree-dwelling monkey that lives in extended family groups
  • Lightweight enough to forage for fruit and insects on the outermost tips of tree branches.
  • Range: extreme southeastern Peru, northwestern Brazil and northwestern Bolivia.
  • Habitat: rainforest – found along the edges of the forests as well as in the tall tropical rainforests.
  • Diet: fruit, flowers, nectar, gum, and small animals
  • Physical Characteristics: gray with a silvery-brown crown and a reddish orange tail.   A prominent feature is the elongated mustache.
  • Emperor tamarins live in groups of two to as many as 15 animals
  • Will run or walk across the forest floor, are capable of leaping across branches
  • Emperor tamarins are diurnal (awake during the day) and live in trees