Animal Crackers Dining Options


Below, you'll find an example of menus with prices from our food vendors from 2018.

one ticket = $1.00


Racine Zoo's Animal Crackers Roma Lodge Menu

Menu Item Tickets
Beef Sandwich 6
Sausage Bomber 5
Meatball Bomber 4
Beef Sandwich Combo 7
Sausage Bomber Combo 6
Meatball Bomber Comber 5
Pasta Bowl                                    8

Menu Item Tickets
Seafood Wrap w/Chips 9
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap w/ Chips 8
Ground Beef Taco Wrap w/ Chips 8
Black Bean Taco Wrap w/ Chips 8
Sausage, Cheese & Cracker Plate
Fruit Plate 6            

Menu Item Tickets
Steak Tenderloin Sandwich w/ Mediterranean Pasta Salad & Chips 10                           
BBQ Pork Sandwich w/ Broccoli Slaw & Chips 9
Turkey Danish Pride Wrap Sandwich w/ Mediterranean Pasta Salad & Chips 8                       
Chocolate Eclairs 4
Assorted Cake Slices 4
Bavarian Bee Sting - Elephant ear filled w/ Bavarian crème dipped in chocolate 4
Vahalla Brownie - Fudge brownie w/ caramel and fudge or sweet vanilla icing 3
Assorted Kringle Slices 1
Shaped Mini Animal Cakes 4
Coffee 1
Very Viking Berry Tea 16 oz. 2

Menu Item                                            Tickets  
Pulled Pork Sandwich & Chips 5
BBQ Chicken & Corn 7
Pulled Pork Dinner & Corn 8