Animal Crackers Dining Options


Below, you'll find menus with prices from our food vendors in 2019. We will be having similar vendors in 2021 (with slightly modified menus to come!)

one ticket = $1.00


Racine Zoo's Animal Crackers Roma Lodge Menu

Menu Item Tickets
Meatball Bomber 4
Sausage Bomber                            5
Italian Beef 6
Pasta 8
Bag of Chips 1



Menu Item Tickets
Seafood Wrap with Chips 9
Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap with Chips 8
Ground Beef Taco Wrap with Chips 8
Black Bean Taco Wrap with Chips 8
Sausage, Cheese & Cracker Plate
Fruit Plate 6            
Walking Taco 5

Menu Item Tickets
Steak Tenderloin Sandwich served with Mediterranean Pasta Salad & Chips 9                             
Fruity Chicken Salad on Croissant served with Mediterranean Pasta Salad & Chips 8
Lobster Roll served with Mediterranean Pasta Salad & Chips 9                       
Chocolate Eclairs 4
Bavarian Bee Sting 4
Assorted Cake Slices – selection of 4 flavors 4
Florentine Horn 3
Vahalla Brownie - (Creamy Vanilla or Fuge Icing) 3
Decorated Cookies 3
Assorted Kringle Slices 2
Lemon Bars 2
Colectivo Coffee (Regular or Decaf) 1
Viking Very Berry Tea 2

Menu Item                                            Tickets  
Pulled Pork Sandwich & Chips 6
Pulled Pork Dinner with Corn & Bread 8
Bag of Peanuts 2
Hot Dogs & Chips 3